Are face lifts for men as successful as face lifts for women? Ramon

Hi Ramon, that’s an interesting question.  Typically, women undergo more cosmetic surgery than men do.  There are several reasons for this.  After such surgery, it is required for patients to wear make up for weeks and even months after the procedure. And since men usually prefer not to wear cosmetics, there is a general aversion to having face lifts among men. Facelifts usually cause visible scars in front and behind the ears – this is easily camouflaged by women with the application of makeup and styling of their hair.  In addition to this, face-lifts remove the hairless skin between the side burn and the ear, this can give men a strange appearance.  This preference aside, face lifts can be equally effective for both genders as long as the prescribed after care instructions are followed and a board certified surgeon is enlisted to perform the procedure.

Some friends are talking about FaceTite. Will this be able to fix the very loose skin on one area of my face?

Hi, thanks for your question.  It would have been helpful to know what part of your face has the loose skin to be able to comment on whether FaceTite is a suitable procedure for you.   This non-surgical facelift can help with the forehead, cheeks, jowls, neck, and Nasolabial folds.  It may take several treatments, depending on skin laxity.  The results won’t be readily visible after the procedure, as there will be healing for about a week. You will need to wait 3-6 weeks to assess the extent of improvement, which is a shorter turnaround time than that required for a traditional face lift.  However, the results of a nonsurgical facelift last for a shorter period of time and a repeat procedure may be required.  The results of traditional face lift surgery are considered permanent and will last much longer outside of regular, continued aging.   It would be best to see a board certified cosmetic surgeon to help you decide on whether a FaceTite procedure is best for you. Good luck

I have many wrinkles in my eyebrow area. Will a brow lift help? How long does it take for the lines to disappear?

Hi there., thanks for your question.  A brow lift will correct sagging of skin in the forehead, upper eyelids and eyebrows.  There are two methods used to lift these areas: The Classic Lift and the Endoscopic Lift.  The latter has a shorter recovery time, i.e., the wrinkles that you asked about, will not be as visible with less down time.  However, you should remember that for any procedure, recovery times vary from patient to patient, so it’s not easy to answer your question.  The trend in post-op recovery is that it takes several weeks to see a significant decrease in swelling, bruising, or in this case, for the fine lines to be gone.  Once the requisite recovery period is completed, the desired refreshed appearance will somehow make up for the wait.  Ideally, a smooth and wrinkle free forehead will be yours, enhanced by repositioned eyebrows.  As with all surgical procedures, to ensure the success of your operation, do follow the post op instructions of your doctor.  To determine which procedure is best for you, you will need to consult a board certified surgeon who will evaluate your forehead region which includes the upper eyelids and especially the muscles beneath.


Is it normal for one cheek to sag more on one side of the face? What is the best procedure to lift my cheek fat at age 30? Almost 30.

Hi Almost 30, thanks for your question.  To make cheeks look younger and healthier, a mid-face lift can help address asymmetry of the cheeks by making them appear fuller.  To allow the cheeks to be pulled up, the tissues that line the cheekbones are released all along the lower lids, the upper lips and sides of the nose.  Once released, the cheeks can be pulled up and sutures used to secure the same.  The lower eyelids are tightened by removing a part of the outer eyelids and suspending the remainder to the outer lids’ bony area.  The results of this procedure are rather subtle, it will not provide a markedly refreshed look.  But it will improve the cheek area more significantly than a full face lift, which appears to be your main concern.   There are several types of cheek lifts available:  Subperiosteal Midface Lift, the SOOF Lift, Endotine Midface Suspension, a Mini Face Lift (S-Lift) – is prescribed for those in their early to late 40s, the Featherlift of Cheek,  (minimally invasive & patient can drive themselves home after the procedure which is done under local anesthesia); and the Percutaneous Cheek Lift (also minimally invasive method that lifts the check & midface region).  For someone of your age, the last two methods may be best suited to your requirements.  A consultation with a board certified surgeon will help you decide n which procedure to undergo.


I just turned 45 and I have been divorced for other a year now. I want to start dating again but am afraid I look too old to attract someone. Can a facelift help me? Shiela

Hi Shiela, thanks for being frank about your reasons for wanting cosmetic surgery.  Many patients experience a psychological improvement from a face lift.  They believe that the surgery will have a positive effect on their quality of life. And more often than not, it does make a difference in their lives.  Improving your facial appearance through a face lift is just as valid as someone having their home repainted, or trading in their old car for a newer model.  Improving your facial appearance can be a big psychological boost to improve your appearance.  With new confidence in your appearance, it will be easier to make a new start.  Sags, bags, jowls, a sagging neck, even what they call a turkey neck – these can be addressed by a face lift.  But fine lines won’t be improved by a face lift – the quality of the skin is not expected to be changed by a facelift.