Are face lifts for men as successful as face lifts for women? Ramon

Hi Ramon, that’s an interesting question.  Typically, women undergo more cosmetic surgery than men do.  There are several reasons for this.  After such surgery, it is required for patients to wear make up for weeks and even months after the procedure. And since men usually prefer not to wear cosmetics, there is a general aversion to having face lifts among men. Facelifts usually cause visible scars in front and behind the ears – this is easily camouflaged by women with the application of makeup and styling of their hair.  In addition to this, face-lifts remove the hairless skin between the side burn and the ear, this can give men a strange appearance.  This preference aside, face lifts can be equally effective for both genders as long as the prescribed after care instructions are followed and a board certified surgeon is enlisted to perform the procedure.