Can a facelift get rid of my wrinkles and lines? After a facelift why do some patients look like they just came out of a wind tunnel? Rhett

Hello Rhett, it’s important to set the right expectations on what cosmetic surgery can and cannot do.  Most people have this idea that it’s a catch all solution for all the problems that aging brings to a patient’s face/body   It can address physical changes like sagging facial & neck skin, eye bags, even loose skin under the jaw/chin.  But it can’t address the quality of the skin (lines, wrinkles).  As for the “wind tunnel look” – you may be referring to surgery that has been pulled too tight or when a patient should have had a different treatment rather than the surgery.  This is easily avoided by having a proper consult with a board certified surgeon who may recommend topical treatments to reduce lines:  Alpha-hydroxyl acids (AHAs) natural fruit acids, Retinoids (including Retin A), Topical Vitamin C and Idebenone antioxidant, application of growth factor compounds as well as the use of pentapeptides to boost collagen production.  There are also medical treatments you can look at: Botox injections, wrinkle fillers like collagen, laser resurfacing, chemical peels and dermabrasion.