How long does it take to have facelift done?

Since there are several types of facelift, the duration of any such surgery will vary according to the complexity of the procedure.  From the traditional full facelift to the mid facelift, to the Mini facelift, the lower facelift, the Thread facelift, the procedure may take from 1 hour to up to 8 hours.  Accordingly, patients’ recovery times differ, but in general, noticeable swelling will go down within 10 to 14 days. Most patients often return to work in two weeks, but best to wait a full month after surgery to be at your best.  Keep in mind that skin type and age influence facelift results which realistically speaking can rejuvenate the face with a fresher appearance, and is not a permanent solution to aging.  The positive results of a facelift only become apparent after several weeks.  You should expect that things will be worse before they become better. It is best to discuss your questions and concerns with a qualified cosmetic or plastic surgeon to set realistic expectations.