How long do the results of face lifts last?

Thanks for your question.  Changes from facelifts can be maintained over several years.  More than ¾ of facelift patients still look better than they did before, after some five years after the procedure.  The longevity of rejuvenation depends on many factors including some that can be controlled by the patient – not smoking, keeping well hydrated, taking sun protection seriously (wear protective clothing & use sunscreen with SPF 30+), taking care of the body from the inside (eat foods from whole food sources, limit alcohol intake) and having regular exercise.  There are also other practices you can observe to make the results of a face lift last longer — scheduling laser skin resurfacing procedures regularly (removing top layers of skin allows new skin cells to surface to reduce appearance of lines/wrinkles plus laser promote collagen production); injectable appointments (Botox and dermal fillers)  and of course, using the right skin care products.  The exact combination of internal and external regimens will depend on your specific needs which will be based on genetics, lifestyle and your environment.