I had an accident, I thought I would never look normal again. The injuries healed, but the scars can’t be concealed with makeup. What can be done for my facial scars?

Sorry to hear of your accident.  I’m glad that your injuries have healed –let’s discuss some options you have for taking care of the scars.  Scar tissue is the body’s replacement for when it experiences injuries.  It is a product of healing of one’s wounds.  While it may be unsightly, it is a clear indication of healing and recovery.  There are various options for improving facial scars including recreation of the incision, manipulating the skin and even moving the scar to make it less prominent.  Your surgeon will be able to determine what will work best for your specific scars, depending on where it is located and how it appears.  One can also treat raised scars with laser resurfacing and/or dermabrasion, removing some of the upper layers of skin.  While the scar will still be visible, it will at least be less pronounced.  As for keloids, these can be injected first, to reduce their size.  A follow-on procedure, if the result of this is not satisfactory, is the surgical removal of the scar, using fine stitches to close the incisions which should results in less prominent scars.

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