I have many wrinkles in my eyebrow area. Will a brow lift help? How long does it take for the lines to disappear?

Hi there., thanks for your question.  A brow lift will correct sagging of skin in the forehead, upper eyelids and eyebrows.  There are two methods used to lift these areas: The Classic Lift and the Endoscopic Lift.  The latter has a shorter recovery time, i.e., the wrinkles that you asked about, will not be as visible with less down time.  However, you should remember that for any procedure, recovery times vary from patient to patient, so it’s not easy to answer your question.  The trend in post-op recovery is that it takes several weeks to see a significant decrease in swelling, bruising, or in this case, for the fine lines to be gone.  Once the requisite recovery period is completed, the desired refreshed appearance will somehow make up for the wait.  Ideally, a smooth and wrinkle free forehead will be yours, enhanced by repositioned eyebrows.  As with all surgical procedures, to ensure the success of your operation, do follow the post op instructions of your doctor.  To determine which procedure is best for you, you will need to consult a board certified surgeon who will evaluate your forehead region which includes the upper eyelids and especially the muscles beneath.