Over time, I’ve started to have this heavy feeling on my forehead, accompanied by drowsiness. After my peripheral vision started to go away, I noticed that my drooping eyebrows were the culprits. I’ve heard others go through what’s known as a browlift and eyelid tuck. Am I eligible to get this procedure?

The aging process varies from one person to another. What you’re experiencing – fatigue, drooping eyebrows, loss of peripheral vision – can potentially be alleviated through a brow lift and/or eyelid tuck procedure. You have a variety of options to choose from for a brow lift, but they tend to vary based on the surgeon’s incision placement. For instance, one options is to make incisions behind the hairline to lift and reposition the outer brow area. Endoscopic surgery with a camera and tiny instruments is another popular option due to the quicker recovery time, and fewer post-operative changes.  Depending on the patient’s needs and wants, the surgeon will provide recommendations on the length of the incision as well as the placement. These procedures typically take several hours and can be done under a variety of sedation techniques from local to IV sedation to general anesthesia.