I just turned 45 and I have been divorced for other a year now. I want to start dating again but am afraid I look too old to attract someone. Can a facelift help me? Shiela

Hi Shiela, thanks for being frank about your reasons for wanting cosmetic surgery.  Many patients experience a psychological improvement from a face lift.  They believe that the surgery will have a positive effect on their quality of life. And more often than not, it does make a difference in their lives.  Improving your facial appearance through a face lift is just as valid as someone having their home repainted, or trading in their old car for a newer model.  Improving your facial appearance can be a big psychological boost to improve your appearance.  With new confidence in your appearance, it will be easier to make a new start.  Sags, bags, jowls, a sagging neck, even what they call a turkey neck – these can be addressed by a face lift.  But fine lines won’t be improved by a face lift – the quality of the skin is not expected to be changed by a facelift.