I’m Asian and want to have a face lift. Do I need to find a good doctor experienced in working on Asians or is someone who’s good in general ok? Annie

Hi Annie – it should be equally fine to have a board certified cosmetic surgeon with general experience (i.e., not specialized in a particular ethnic group) or one with patients belonging to a specific ethnic group.  It boils down to your personal preference, whomever you will feel more comfortable with.  However there is a growing Asian social consciousness (the Look East movement), that has encouraged cosmetic surgeons to develop techniques to preserve ethnic characteristics and retain their Asian identity.  This has resulted in more subtle changes (i.e., noses are not as pointy and less fat is being removed near lower eyelids).  growing appreciation for diversity and higher social awareness and the Asians’ preference to maintain their ethnic identify by not losing important facial features that exhibit racial character.  In effect, the typical Asian patient who undergoes eyelid surgery does so while wanting a wider, fuller eye that looks natural in an Asian face, while keeping an almond shape.