Is it normal for one cheek to sag more on one side of the face? What is the best procedure to lift my cheek fat at age 30? Almost 30.

Hi Almost 30, thanks for your question.  To make cheeks look younger and healthier, a mid-face lift can help address asymmetry of the cheeks by making them appear fuller.  To allow the cheeks to be pulled up, the tissues that line the cheekbones are released all along the lower lids, the upper lips and sides of the nose.  Once released, the cheeks can be pulled up and sutures used to secure the same.  The lower eyelids are tightened by removing a part of the outer eyelids and suspending the remainder to the outer lids’ bony area.  The results of this procedure are rather subtle, it will not provide a markedly refreshed look.  But it will improve the cheek area more significantly than a full face lift, which appears to be your main concern.   There are several types of cheek lifts available:  Subperiosteal Midface Lift, the SOOF Lift, Endotine Midface Suspension, a Mini Face Lift (S-Lift) – is prescribed for those in their early to late 40s, the Featherlift of Cheek,  (minimally invasive & patient can drive themselves home after the procedure which is done under local anesthesia); and the Percutaneous Cheek Lift (also minimally invasive method that lifts the check & midface region).  For someone of your age, the last two methods may be best suited to your requirements.  A consultation with a board certified surgeon will help you decide n which procedure to undergo.