Seattle, Bellevue Can sunblock cause an infection of face lift scars? Al P.

Hi Al, sun protection is very important for the health of your skin post-a facelift.  In fact, it is one of 4 cardinal rules that must be observed during cosmetic surgery recovery. The first few days after having a procedure, it’s best to avoid direct sunlight.  If you need to go out, choose a sunscreen that blocks alpha and beta sun rays.  An SPF 30 or 40 Is sufficient; using the ones with higher SPF tends to block the pores. Second, baby your skin with mild hypoallergenic products like non-soap cleansers and fragrance free moisturizers. Third, let your wounds heal – don’t pick at your peeling skin or scabs to speed up your recovery as this can increase the likelihood of infections/scarring.  Lastly, hydrate as much as possible.  Whether you’ve had a minor procedure or a major surgery, drink 6-8 glasses of water/day to help rejuvenate your skin from the inside and flush any toxins from your system.