Seattle, Bellevue How can I speed up healing of the scars I got from face lift surgery? Rosanne R.

Hi Rosanne, you didn’t mention how long ago you had your face lift.  But let me share general guidelines on post op care for those who’ve undergone face lift surgery.  You will need to cleanse the incisions gently three times a day with a mixture of 50% hydrogen peroxide and 50% water solution using cotton or Q-tips. After each cleansing, lightly apply antibacterial ointment to the incision lines. Avoid prolonged exposure to extremely cold temperatures.  Any exposure to the sun (including sun-tanning parlours) in the first 3 weeks after surgery may result in prolonged facial swelling and injury to the skin. From day 14 – 21, continue to avoid touching the incision lines and gently wash them as directed by your doctorSun exposure while the incision sites are still healing can cause them to darken or discolour, and that discoloration can be permanent. The first few weeks after surgery, avoid all sun exposure. Sunscreen of at least SPF 20 should be used. daily and reapplied often. Wearing a hat with a big brim and a pair of sunglasses will offer even more protection from the sun.  Take care to continue applying the antibiotic cream should you have any sore/raised scars.