Seattle, Bellevue How soon after a facelift can I work out? Michele G.

Hi Michele, you can resume exercise 3-4 weeks after surgery. The level of impact makes a huge difference and the healing process will be improved by light cardio workout. If you’re a runner, It cannot be stressed enough how important sun protection is for the health of your skin pre-facelift and it’s especially important post-facelift.  Sunscreen or sunblock will protect your skin from the sun’s rays. Make every effort to wear an SPF 20 screen daily and to reapply it often.  Frequent application is important if you’re sweating or swimming.  It’s important to shield your scars from the sun because they will stay red longer and may not fade as expected.  There may be discoloration of the incision sites.  Wear a hat with a big brim and a pair of sunglasses for even more protection from the sun.  Take care to continue applying the antibiotic cream to calm down the sore/raised scars.