Some friends are talking about FaceTite. Will this be able to fix the very loose skin on one area of my face?

Hi, thanks for your question.  It would have been helpful to know what part of your face has the loose skin to be able to comment on whether FaceTite is a suitable procedure for you.   This non-surgical facelift can help with the forehead, cheeks, jowls, neck, and Nasolabial folds.  It may take several treatments, depending on skin laxity.  The results won’t be readily visible after the procedure, as there will be healing for about a week. You will need to wait 3-6 weeks to assess the extent of improvement, which is a shorter turnaround time than that required for a traditional face lift.  However, the results of a nonsurgical facelift last for a shorter period of time and a repeat procedure may be required.  The results of traditional face lift surgery are considered permanent and will last much longer outside of regular, continued aging.   It would be best to see a board certified cosmetic surgeon to help you decide on whether a FaceTite procedure is best for you. Good luck